My Cup Runneth A Muck – Part1

To anyone who might listen,

This is a blog dedicated to those who love and struggle daily to raise their kids right!!

My name is Dave. I’m married, and have 8 kids. Both my wife and I are self employed, Homeschool the kids, and are renovating a 100 year old home in Rock Hill South Carolina, which is basically is suburbia located due south of Charlotte North Carolina. Life for us is absolutely nuts for us on a daily basis!

Some days I may have time to right more other days not. Today I’ll begin with some introductions. Read More→

My Cup Runneth A muck – Part 2

My cup runneth a muck. – Part #2

To any one who might listen,

My bride has left again today to go see ladies that have already had their babies. She’s delivered 3 this week. Ruth #5 and baby Lydia #8 have accompanied her, so as I stated before I’m jumping in the gap for her. Yes, covering all the typical duties breakfast,lunch, laundry, and diaper changes for Thomas #7. Remember that guy from the show The Office that says he could diaper anything, THATS ME! Thomas #7 has this really high pitched scream whenever something displeases him, which is about every 10 seconds, that makes the little nerve in the lower part of my spine go into spasms. Read More→

My Cup Runneth A Muck – Part 3

Part 3

I think the last post I completed was around June 23rd, a month ago. I’m such a slacker. Since that time the craziness has settled a bit. The wife is at a conference up in Charlotte, and she’s only had one delivery in the last week. I took #3 Jonah, #4 Ben, #6 Samuel, and Ben’s friend Jay ,from across the street, camping and fishing for one night Wednesday evening. Not too eventful, but I’ll give you the run down anyway. Set up camp about 6:30pm at The McDowell Nature Preserve on Lake Wylie on the North Carolina side of the lake. Went fishing immediately after, and caught some Bream. Kids got hungry around 9pm, so we quit our so called angling and went back to camp, lit a fire, and cooked some hot dogs. I actually burned the dogs. Read More→

October Existing-Home Sales Rise, Unsold Inventory Continues to Decline

Washington, DC, November 21, 2011

Existing-home sales improved in October while the number of homes on the market continued to decline, according to the National Association of Realtors®.

Total existing-home sales, which are completed transactions that include single-family, townhomes, condominiums and co-ops, rose 1.4 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 4.97 million in October from a downwardly revised 4.90 million in September, and are 13.5 percent above the 4.38 million unit level in October 2010. Read More→