My Cup Runneth A muck – Part 2

My cup runneth a muck. – Part #2

To any one who might listen,

My bride has left again today to go see ladies that have already had their babies. She’s delivered 3 this week. Ruth #5 and baby Lydia #8 have accompanied her, so as I stated before I’m jumping in the gap for her. Yes, covering all the typical duties breakfast,lunch, laundry, and diaper changes for Thomas #7. Remember that guy from the show The Office that says he could diaper anything, THATS ME! Thomas #7 has this really high pitched scream whenever something displeases him, which is about every 10 seconds, that makes the little nerve in the lower part of my spine go into spasms.

You know I have to develop some good blogging habits here. I started this post on the 17th June. Now it’s the 23rd before I’m getting back to it. It’s been an absolute whirlwind around here. In the last 8 days my bride has delivered 6 babies, which is unusual, but not unheard of!

I started with introductions last time, so we’ll start with #1 Amanda this time. Amanda turned 18 in May. She is absolutely a gorgeous young lady, big brown eyes and hair when it’s not some other color. She’s on the quiet side, although she would not agree with that assessment. Maybe tight lipped would be better. She loves horses, and saved her own money from the time she was 8 to buy her own horse when she was 15. NYK was his name. She had sell him in the first part of the year to buy a new vehicle. Traded horse power for horse power so to speak. Amanda has inherited from her mom and dad the rebel that has been harnessed by the Lord for us over the last 20 years or so, and at the moment she’s unceremoniously moved out of the house because she doesn’t want to follow our rules. More on her to come.

My mom always said when one her three boys was driving her nuttso, “Just wait till you have kids.” That is why I’ve titled my postings, “My cup runneth a muck.” It was a quote from, I believe, an Erma Bombeck book she’d read or something. It was the title of the she never wrote because she died very young at age, 52, when I was nineteen, from colon cancer. OH! How those six words are seared into conscious mind daily. As some wise person said, “The older I get the smarter my parents become.”

Ella #2. Clearly the most outgoing and social of my crew. Ella has long brownish blonde hair and would be best described as a Vivacious, jovial, a lot like my mom, and very artsy. She’s a beautiful, of course the lord has blessed me with 8 gorgeous kids, free-spirited, and tumultuous 15 year old. She can take a stack of copy paper and in mere moments you’ll have in your hand 30 very descriptive, flowing, and animated pictures of whatever jumps into her brain. I’ve never seen anyone crank out artwork like she does. She truly has her own style.

Until next time….