My Cup Runneth A Muck – Part1

To anyone who might listen,

This is a blog dedicated to those who love and struggle daily to raise their kids right!!

My name is Dave. I’m married, and have 8 kids. Both my wife and I are self employed, Homeschool the kids, and are renovating a 100 year old home in Rock Hill South Carolina, which is basically is suburbia located due south of Charlotte North Carolina. Life for us is absolutely nuts for us on a daily basis!

Some days I may have time to right more other days not. Today I’ll begin with some introductions.

I’m 42, slightly overweight, bald. A reformed left winger who used to follow the Grateful Dead when I actually had hair. Born in Philadelphia PA, moved to Charlotte NC in 1977 when I was 9. I’m a self described Bible thumping evangelical, gun toting, stogie smoking, conservative who’s trying to jump start a real estate investment/home inspection/DIY home renovation consulting business with only my 742 credit score, and daily prayers to my Lord. I also love woodworking and Ice Hockey. Can you guess who my Hockey team is ??? Did I mention I was conservative!

My beautiful, loving wife Stephanie who puts up with me is a saint! She was born the Tampa St.Pete area of Florida in 1970. She also moved to the Charlotte area in the mid 70s. We went to high school together, knew a lot of the same people, but we didn’t really know eachother. We’ve been together for 19 years. My wife Stephanie is a very busy Home Birth Midwife (Certified Professional Midwife – CPM). She’s very busy with about 50 – 60 deliveries a year. I LOVE my wife, and am not afraid to blast that out into cyber space. I certainly married up! She’s gone as I write to deliver a baby with #5 Ruth who’s 8 and the baby Lydia. I’ve got fly, school to check, lunch to make, struggling to get visibility on my website, and a half dozen other things. When my Bride is gone I try to jump in the gap as much as I can.

Until next time!