My Cup Runneth A Muck – Part 3

Part 3

I think the last post I completed was around June 23rd, a month ago. I’m such a slacker. Since that time the craziness has settled a bit. The wife is at a conference up in Charlotte, and she’s only had one delivery in the last week. I took #3 Jonah, #4 Ben, #6 Samuel, and Ben’s friend Jay ,from across the street, camping and fishing for one night Wednesday evening. Not too eventful, but I’ll give you the run down anyway. Set up camp about 6:30pm at The McDowell Nature Preserve on Lake Wylie on the North Carolina side of the lake. Went fishing immediately after, and caught some Bream. Kids got hungry around 9pm, so we quit our so called angling and went back to camp, lit a fire, and cooked some hot dogs. I actually burned the dogs. The fire was to hot, and I neglected to bring a proper implement of destruction to remove them from the grate over which they were cooked. We had crunchy burned hot dogs on the outside, but what was left of the inside was warm and tasty. After we ate I enjoyed my La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero cigar, read some scripture to the kids, and went to sleep, if you could call it that. By morning my air mattress went flat, thus I slept terribly if at all. I get really crabby/cranky when I’m sleep deprived. All in all the morning was good. At 6am we went to get some worms the ones we had all died and were gooey. Samuel kept falling on the trail and crying, and getting his line tangled on whatever. For 4 years old hes can cast a rod pretty good. once he got it it was off to the races, and I can’t wait to see him catch his first fish he’ll be, pardon the pun, hooked after that. We didn’t catch squat all morning until finally we broke camp at 10am and were home by noon. Nice trip, but pretty uneventful!!

Good news!! Since my last post I’ve been successful at improving my visibility on the internet. My company shows up on the side bar when doing a local Google search with the map and the red dots. I’m still slogging through this book Search Engine Optimization, and so far I’m seeing results. Still no first client, I need to combine some cold calling with my daily regime of computer time.

Let me continue with introductions to my family. Jonah #3 or Jo as I call him turned 12 in May. Jo is a nice kid. He struggles with other more assertive boys his age. there are some in particular at our church that I’ve told him if they continue to be jerks he’s aloud to punch them right in the face. Go Dad!!! I don’t want to say anything to their parents until critical mass because I don’t want to fight all his battles for him, he’s got to be able to solve his own problems. Jo is our budding engineer and question asker. He loves to take apart anything mechanical like the lawnmower, computer, fan, or clock radio, and when he can figure out how to put them back together properly then we’ll have something. He asks the craziest questions!! This ones a year or two old. Driving home from Church he asks, ” Dad, Can you get to Africa Through the Moon!! Jo will be starting tackle football Monday July 26th. Four days a week of practice in the evenings for a month, and games start on Saturday the last week of August. The league is 12 – 15 year olds, so needless to say he’s one of the smallest. He’s fast, and that will help. Its The Pioneer Football League, and Jo’s team is The Crusaders. It’s a Christian Homeschool league.

That’s all for now….